£2 credit report or £29.95 per month? Should be a no-brainer

Consumers asked whether quickcreditscore.co.uk £29.95 per month represents good value

Consumers are advised to check the small print carefully after it emerged that a leading consumer credit report website is signing up customers to deals that can cost £29.95 a month for access to their online credit report.  This twice the cost of Experian’s CreditExpert monthly subscription, and the cost of a month’s full membership is close to 15 times that of requesting a statutory credit report online.

Understand-credit.co.uk is concerned that the membership fee, which is included in the terms and conditions text, appears nowhere on the front page of the website.  Whilst the site does refer to its offer as a ‘free trial’, thus providing some indication of charges being involved, the actual cost to the consumer is not quoted.

The company behind the website, quickcreditscore.co.uk is Adaptive Affinity Limited of Edgware.  They have recently been heavily critisised by the Office of Fair Trading for not making their membership offer clear enough to consumers and have needed to give written assurances to the OFT that their marketing practises will change.  The company offers similar services giving access to CallCredit’s credit reports under the brands highcreditscore.co.uk, creditreportplus.co.uk and checkcreditinstantly.co.uk

The monthly subscription service provides access to credit information from CallCredit – the UK’s third largest credit reference agency.  However the same credit report information kept by CallCredit is available by making a statutory report request direct to the credit reference agency – at a cost of just £2.

The Daily Mirror’s campaigning financial team, headed by Andrew Penman and Nick Sommerlad, have highlighted the dozens of complaints they have received from their readers about the websites operated by Adaptive Affinity Limited.  In this recent article they quote a letter from the director of the firm threatening legal action over the paper’s claims.  Adaptive Affinity clearly believe that their customers have no cause for complaint in this regard.

We at understand-credit are not in the business of taking up consumer complaints.  All we would say is that consumers should consider carefully the services to which they sign up – as access to your credit report from Call Credit is easily arranged via payment of the £2 statutory report fee – and it’s a lot cheaper than a £29.95 per month subscription.  We believe that the advertising should be clearer.