CallCredit open up completely free online credit reports at Noddle

UK’s third biggest credit reference agency launches free online service after successful trial

CallCredit, the UK’s 3rd largest credit reference agency, has opened up it’s Noddle credit check and credit report service following a successful trial.

Unlike the services run by Experian and Equifax, this is not a ‘free trial’ but is free forever – that ‘catch’ if you see it as such is that their service also tries to match customers with appropriate financial products based on their credit information – whilst customers are not obligated to buy anything, those that do will earn significant commissions for Noddle, which they will use to fund the service.

Noddle is at and has so far been featured by the BBC, Which Magazine, The Telegraph and The Metro…. and of course !!

It is worth noting that as the credit report information comes from CallCredit, it is exactly the same information as provided by Quick Credit Score, Credit Confidential, High Credit Score etc at up to £29.95 a month by Adaptive Affinity.  So obviously if you’re with one of these (very expensive) credit report sites our recommendation would be to cancel.

Noddle do require card details at signup in order to validate that you are the data subject and that only you can access your information – but they make a firm promise on the site – they do not charge for access and they will never charge for access.

Clearly, as the third largest Credit Reference Agency (CallCredit) the information is unlikely to be as comprehensive as that held by Experian (the largest of the UK credit reference agencies) but given that this service is completely free it’s probably now a good place to start for customers interested in obtaining their credit report.  It is known that Experian is testing a similar service at the moment, though no announcements have been made regarding when this might be piloted or indeed released to the public.

Our recommendation for those who want to see their Experian credit report or Equifax credit report is to obtain your statutory reports from them – either by post or online.