Adaptive Affinity launch more ‘see my credit score’ sites and jump ship to Equifax

Adaptive Affinity, no strangers to the criticism of the Office of Fair Trading have switched the provider of credit report services from CallCredit to Equifax.  Industry insiders believe that CallCredit was not unaware of the groundswell of criticism surrounding Adaptive Affinity’s charging for the service, which could run into hundreds of pounds a year.  The situation was looking particularly untenable given that CallCredit has since launched it’s own consumer site, Noddle, offering the same credit information for free.  Equifax themselves offer the same information directly via their website, where consumers can request a one-off ‘statutory’ credit report rather than join a subscription service.

Understand-Credit would suggest customers thinking of signing up for one of Adaptive Affinity’s subscription sites, which include HighCreditScore, CreditScoreMatters and QuickCreditScore to have a look at how easy it is to obtain your factual credit information directly from any of the agencies by requesting a statutory credit report.  A quick search of ‘Adaptive Affinity Complaints‘ on Google brings back over 226,000 results!

We question the value of the ‘credit score’ given by these sites given it is a well known fact that credit scores are not universal, and are calculated by a lender during an application.