Monthly Archives: November 2012

“Mental”, “Self-serving”, “ego-maniac” – Wonga pulls no punches abusing top Labour MP on Twitter

Guardian Investigation leads to Wonga admitting wrong-doing by a ‘junior’ employee. Short-term lender has admitted that a ‘junior’ employee was behind abusive messages sent to the anti-payday loan campaigner Stella Creasy MP on Twitter. An investigation by the Guardian newspaper (see it here) revealed that tweets describing Ms. Creasy as “Mental” and a “self-serving … Continue reading

Before you log onto Wonga – see your credit union

Credit unions are gearing up to move in on the Payday loan market dominated by high interest lenders and QuickQuid. The internet lenders, characterised as “Legal Loan Sharks” by MPs and the Financial Press, could soon see their customers defecting to the new breed of mutuals, who promise fairer interest rates on the popular … Continue reading