Obtaining your statutory credit report from Call Credit

Obtaining your statutory credit report from Call Credit

CallCredit is the third largest of the UK credit reference agencies.  Lenders often share information with more than one credit reference agency, or as few as one.  Therefore it is always possible that an account that doesn’t show up on your Experian or Equifax credit reports will be recorded by CallCredit.

CallCredit's HQ in Leeds

CallCredit's Leeds HQ

It is expected that public information, such as your entry on the electoral register (electoral roll) or information about judgements will appear on all credit reports, regardless of the agency.   However is it possible that corrections to these might not be updated by all agencies at the same time so it is often worth examining the records all credit reference agencies hold on you to be sure.

As with all licensed credit reference agencies, individuals have the right to access the information held on them by making a statutory request which costs £2.

Note that CallCredit information is the same credit report information offered through the online services quickcreditscore.co.uk, highcreditscore.co.uk, creditscorematters.co.uk all owned by the same company – Adaptive Affinity.  Note that they charge up to £29.95 per month for access to their service.

Obtain your stautory credit report from CallCredit for £2 by post

To order your statutory credit report from CallCredit, print and complete this request form and sent it, along with a cheque or postal order for £2 made payable to CallCredit Limited and send it to;
Consumer Services,

Callcredit Limited,

PO Box 491,


LS3 1W


Obtain your statutory credit report from CallCredit for £2 online

Because it makes it easier to process – the same credit information is available directly from CallCredit for payment (by debit or credit card) of the £2 statutory fee.

To obtain this, go direct to the CallCredit website.


Obtain your CallCredit report by monthly subscription

There are several “monthly subscription” services that offer access to your CallCredit report, the majority of which are actually operated by Adaptive Affinity Limited and charge between £19-£29.95 per month.

We do not provide links to these simply because it is possible to request your statutory report as often as you like – monthly, if this is what you want – and therefore it seems very unwise to join a service costing at least 10 times as much.