Obtaining your statutory credit report from Equifax

Obtain your statutory credit report from Equifax

Equifax is a smaller credit reference agency than the UK’s biggest, Experian, however it has information sharing relationships with some lenders that Experian does not, meaning that some information may show up on your Equifax report that does not show up on your Experian report, and vice versa.  There’s also a third main agency, Call Credit.

Equifax offers an online subscription service in the same style as Experian’s Credit Expert.  However it is NOT necessary to join this in order to obtain your credit information from them.  You can do this by making a statutory request and paying a £2 administration fee.

How to get your credit report from Equifax

1. Get your Equifax report by post.

The easiest way to get your report by post is to complete this application form on the Equifax website.  Print it out and post it to them with the £2 fee as a cheque or postal order payable to Equifax Limited.  This is suitable for people who don’t have their own credit or debit card.

Send your application to:

Equifax Ltd.
Credit File Advice Centre
PO Box 1140

Your credit report will be processed and returned to you by post within 7 working days.


2. Get your Equifax credit report online

You don’t have to join the expensive Equifax subscription service in order to obtain a statutory report, and the good news is if you have a credit or debit card (or even a pre-paid card) you can order it online and view it INSTANTLY.

No catches, no free trial to cancel if you complete this online application form at Equifax.


3. Join the “Equifax Credit report” service

You can join their subscription service and get a free 30 day trial.  We haven’t placed a link to it simply because if you have read the text above and elsewhere on this site you’ll realise that you don’t really need to join such a service.  If you need a report each month to keep an eye on changes, simply request the statutory one – you can do so as often as you like – each month if you wish.


Something wrong on your Equifax report?

If you find some information on your Equifax report that you do not agree with, you’ll want to apply to have it changed.   Equifax will respond to requests submitted with evidence by post, however their preferred way of dealing with ‘data subjects’ (you and I) is through their online service.